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Fairybush Landscaping offers a range of services including garden design, landscaping and garden maintenance, and are skilled in fencing, paving, decking and stonework.

Call for a free consultation and allow us to take the time to walk with you in your garden and show you the practical and stylish improvements we can make that includes your wish list.

The gardeners at Fairybush Landscaping take pride in transforming home gardens into beautiful spaces to enjoy whether they need fencing, decking, stonework or plants including shrubberies and trees.  We take your ideas about your dream garden and make them real.  Fairybush Landscaping has been making dream gardens come true for more than 20 years for clients through the southeast, including Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny and Carlow.

We have a passion for home landscaping of all types in addition to more than two decades of experience.  Whatever your vision is, we can work with you to create it.  Maybe you need a small garden design that takes makes the most of limited direct sunlight with flowering shrubberies set in gravel.  Or perhaps your dream is a large garden design with a stonework patio and an assortment of trees.  Or maybe you need a low maintenance garden. Whatever your dream garden looks like, the experienced landscape gardeners at Fairybush Landscaping can provide the expert garden services you need.

The landscaping and garden services Fairybush Landscaping provides are:

  • Garden Design: We provide both small garden design and large garden design customized to suit your needs and your dreams. We can arrange a home visit where we will discuss your preferences and can show you what improvements we can make and how the layout would work best in your garden.
  • Low Maintenance Gardens: We have a vast experience in providing low maintenance gardens for our clients. We offer practical solutions while still maintaining the integrity of stylish design.
  • Garden Maintenance: Keeping your garden neat and tidy can be very time consuming especially during the summer months when lawns and plants can get out of control quickly. We offer a regular maintenance service so you can relax and enjoy your garden without the hard work.
  • Tree Surgery: Our qualified tree surgeon has over 15 years experience and is available for consultation. You will get professional advice about the best options for tree preservation or removal by our team. More information…
  • Patio Installation: A patio is garden design basic your family will enjoy for years to come. More information…
  • Decking: Proper decking installed by experts provides a space to relax and entertain so you can really make the most of your garden.
  • Fencing:  They say good fencing makes good neighbours.  It also looks wonderful when it is part of your overall garden design. More information…
  • Paving: If you would like a paved walk as part of your large garden design so you can get to different areas without your lawn suffering from wear and tear, we can do the paving to be an intrinsic part of your landscaping. More information…
  • Stonework:  Stunning stonework can take a garden design from good to great.
  • Lawns: Large garden designs often use a lot of lawn between features, and some small garden designs incorporate mostly lawn.  Talk to Fairybush’s expert gardeners about the perfect lawn option for your garden.
  • Gravel:  You don’t have to worry about garden maintenance or mowing with gravel.  It just needs to be swept into place and kept tidy, which makes it attractive for many busy homeowners.
  • Planting Shrubberies and Trees:  Planting shrubberies and trees is not a simple job, which is why it is best to leave it to experienced gardeners who can do everything from advising you about the best choices for your garden design and location, preparing the soil and digging to the correct depth to making sure the shrubberies and trees are planted correctly and not leaning or too close to anything.

Trust the Expert Landscape Gardeners at Fairybush for Your Garden Design

Even those who enjoy garden maintenance often turn to professional landscape gardeners for the big jobs such a completely new garden design, decking or superior stonework.  These are jobs that require specific skills –skills that the landscape gardeners at Fairybush have in abundance along with more than 20 years of experience.

Planting flowers and vegetables can be a relaxing pastime for anyone, but putting in a whole lawn, fencing or planting trees is a very different thing.  Paving a patio or walkway shouldn’t be a quick DIY job because you’ll be living with the results and they should enhance the beauty of your garden design and withstand the test of time.

If you have a home or holiday home in Waterford, Wexford, Kilkenny or Carlow and need a fresh garden design to create the right mood for your outdoor living, you can count on Fairybush Landscaping.  We’ve been creating beautiful gardens for more than 20 years, so you can be confident that we can give you the results you want.

For more information or to book a free site visit , Please Call us at 086-2595510 Now!